Annual Report

Amigos de Animales 2016 Annual Report


The mission of Fundacion Amigos de Animales Boquete is to provide low cost spaying and neutering of dogs and cats and to promote the general welfare of animals in the Boquete community and surrounding areas.

This report reflects FADAB activities from January 2016 through December 2016.

2016 Clinic Report

Amigos de Animales holds monthly sterilization clinics the last Sunday of every month except November and December due to the holidays.

Month                      # of Animals


January                     238

February                    135

March                        63

April                          175

May                          172

June                          166

July                           196

August                       141

September                 181

October                     234

 Total 2016                   1701

A total of 11,278 cats and dogs have been sterilized since the first clinic in June 2005 through December 2016.  This year, as with the last, we saw an increase in the number of cats being brought in to the clinic, 51% of the animals were cats, while compared to previous years, that number had been in the low 30’s.

Our numbers at the clinics continue to grow due in large part to our Collectors, who bring in animals from remote areas, and to other animal welfare organizations in David.

 Donations Received

We received $19,222.63 in donations in 2016, thanks in large part to two very generous donors.

Rental Income

 Since moving in to our new facility, we have begun renting it out as a place where parties, meetings, and other activities may be held.  We received $1765.50 in rental income this year and are planning a significant increase for 2017 through more aggressive marketing that communicates the advantages of our space.

 2016 Major Fundraising Events

Venta de Patio                                            $17,318.53

Calendar 2017 sales                                     $  4,387.16

Chili Cook-off                                              $  1,300.63

Casino Night                                               $  1,106.58


TOTAL                                                                  $24,112.90

This is a significant decrease from 2015 due to the loss of the Bid4Boquete income.  We are planning to have more events this year in an effort to make up for that loss.


In 2016, we had 64 paid members, only one more than 2015, bringing in $640.  Our records show that we have approximately 150 active and inactive volunteers and we hope that all our volunteers will pay

their annual membership dues of $10 to bring that total up. This meeting will kick off our Membership Drive for 2017.  There are some great benefits to being a member, including discounts at some of our local shops. Those discounts alone will pay for the cost of the card.

Major Expenses vs. Income

 Our major expenses are as always clinic related.  Clinic income (payments from animals brought in to the clinic) for 2016 was $17,140.50.  Our major expenses were payment to the vets at $16,982 and medical supplies (medicines, syringes, gloves, etc) at $11,129.57. We continue to lose money at every clinic as shown in our monthly published reports.  Our real costs per animal are about $25 per dog and $12 per cat.

 Prices raised for Clinic in 2016

 Due to the continuing high price of medications and the number of unpaid animals at our clinics, we voted to raise our prices for the first time in our 10 year history.  Beginning with the January 2016 clinic, the fee became $15 for a dog and $8 for a cat. Though we will continue to say “no animal will be turned away for inability to pay,” we encourage everyone, even the poorest of our clients, to pay something to contribute to the price of the procedure.                  

 The Ruby McKenzie Clinic/Animales Events Center

 We acquired the property for our new location in late 2013 and held our first clinic there on January 25, 2015.

In January 2017, we began our third year there.

We had determined from the start that we would try to find ways to make the building pay for itself.  To that end, we have been renting the facility for people to hold various events. One of our volunteers is serving as “rental agent” and is lining up events to be held there for a

fee that will hopefully cover our monthly maintenance expenses and provide a steady source of income. We have made a significant

investment in our building to ensure that it is attractive to potential renters.  We have purchased tables and chairs, and tablecloths to accommodate 75 guests.  We have also improved the parking lot and upgraded the kitchen.  We purchased a sound system for use at dance and party events and we now feel that we have the best place in Boquete to hold events, from daytime meetings to evening parties.

Community Outreach

Besides holding the clinics and fundraisers, Animales participates in many community efforts to assist local animals in need.

Thanks to Martha Miranda and Kirsten and Ray Quimby, feeding stations have been set up at various places in town to feed street dogs and feral cats.

Due to the departure of Joan James, our school education program did not accomplish as much as anticipated in 2016.  We plan to re-start that program when school commences in March of 2017.

We also plan to do specific clinics in the far communities for vaccinating against parvo and distemper.

Financials for 2016

Financial Statements and budget available upon request  as well as a copy of this Report.


In 2013, we were able to establish a PayPal account.  It is linked to our website ( and our Facebook page.  In 2016, it brought in over $2020.13 in donations and has become a valuable source of revenue. We have had donations come in from all around the world proving that this program has been a great success.

Video of Animales Clinic Day

John Hampton has done a wonderful video of our clinic in action.  This will be a great tool for fund-raising and volunteer recruitment

 Fund-raising Events for 2017

We realize we have a lot of work to do to replace the lost income from the now discontinued Bid4Boquete.  To that end, we have planned the following events for 2017:

February 17 – Dance Night

April 22 – Game Night

June 16 – Poker Run

August 6 – Chili Cookoff

September 10 – Venta de Patio

October 14 – 2018 Calendar launch


The Board determined in 2015 that in order to broaden our ability to fundraise here in Panama, we need to become an Asociacion as opposed to the Foundation that we currently are.  Having the status as an Asociacion enables us to solicit donations from corporations and businesses and give them a tax break through their support. That process is near completion.

Amigos de Animales Board of Directors for 2017

Chairman Emeritus, Ruby McKenzie

Co- Presidents, Alicia McGuigan and Dottie Thompson

Vice Presidents, Carol Cardinale-Santana and Sheila Strunk

Secretary, Leslie Sherling

Treasurer, Cary Trantham


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